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IQF / Marinated Slow Roasted Tomatoes , Sun Dried Tomatoes, Semi Dried Vegetables, Semi Dried Tomatoes, Roasted Peppers are worldwide known with availability year round, out of Izmir Turkey. Nilbatu offers you a complete solution for food sourcing with its controlled farming pro, HACCP ruled production site and experienced team solutions.

The Gourmet Expert, Best Organic Food

Nilbatu Foods is a worldwide producer / manufacturer & exporter of Mediterrenean anti-pasti foods specializing in main areas such as sun dried & semi dried (oven) tomatoes , Roasted Red Peppers , antipasti mixes in Turkey, Izmir.

Out local presence and worldwide contacts enable us to maintain an optimal balance between supply and demand throughout the year. As sun dried tomato and semi dried tomato manufacturer, Nilbatu offers complete quality and manufacturing solutions for your needs.

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