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Nilbatu Foods offers you Organic including full list of its production line with full traceability and certified worldwide. You have USDA NOP and EU Certified organic options for any of the our products.

Organic – bio nutrition is a personal choice; keeps you away from chemicals, more benefit from nutrients, avoid from gmo and hormones. We do not make the choice only for health we do enviromental choices by consuming organic products; preserve eco system, reduce pollution, protect water and soil, keeps agricultural diversity, support farming for better products and most important keep our children’s health and future safe.

The benefit of nature is organic and Nilbatu foods carries your choice of semi-dried, sun-dried and grilled/roasted products to your door professionally .

Organic Semi Dried Tomatoes Segments
Organic Semi Dried Cherry Tomatoes
Organic Sun Dried Tomatoes
Organic Roasted Red Peppers