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Semi Dried Tomatoes

Cherry Tomatoes

Semi Dried (Oven Roasted) Cherry Tomato Halves  product is unique with its natural format and actual red color. Contains no preservative, tastes sweeter than fresh tomatoes, lasts longer. Basically the process; we harvest our particular tomatoes, carry into our facility and semi-dry in our particular industrial oven. No preservatives at any stage. Available all year round!! Harvest Regions South Turkey – Antalya region.

  • IQF
  • Marinated – Fresh / Shelf stable options
  • Product FormatsIQF, Marinated
  • Packaging :
  • RetailJars, Trays, Pails, Doypacks
  • Food ServiceJars,PE Bags,Tray,Pail,Doypacks
  • Industrial10Kg Cartons
  • Cherry Tomatoes