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Sundried Tomatoes

Halves & Julienne & Diced

Sun-Dried Tomatoes – Halves Cut is the original and the most famous cut of the family. The fresh tomatoes are cut into 2 pieces to leave under Mediterranean sun for about 4-5 days for drying. The preservatives are either salt (known as natural SDT) or SO2. According to customer preference Julienne 8strips) and diced cuts are available as well. The drying season is July & August. The regions are Izmir Bergama, Torbali and Manisa

  • Product TypesMarinated, Ready to Eat (High Moısture) , Low Moist
  • CutsHalves, Julienne (Strips), Diced (Cubes)
  • Packaging
  • BulkVacuum Bags, Loose packaging with no vacuum, Octabins
  • Retail Jars (PP, PET, Glass), Vac Pack, Doypack, Tray, Pail
  • Food Service Jars, Vac Pack, Doypack, Tray, Tub, Pail
  • Halves & Julienne & Diced